SpeedRunners – Review

A 2D side-scrolling racer with looping stages and minuscule sprites, SpeedRunners recalls Sonic 3’s oft-forgotten two-player mode. It plays by the rules of different retro classic, however – Codemasters’ legendary Micro Machines. The idea is to outrun other players, causing them to fall behind and become edged off...


This 2D puzzle platformer presents a host of unique challenges to overcome as you travel through different worlds saving teensy alien creatures. With a total of 60 levels, and fresh mechanics to master, there’s plenty to get stuck into. It’s a case of running and jumping to reach...

Worlds apart! Twin-stick puzzler World-Splitter launches today

The term ‘twin stick’ usually conjures images of frantic 2D shooters or perhaps a top-down dungeon crawler with projectile lobbing combat. This makes World-Splitter quite the exception – it’s a 2D twin-stick puzzle game. Here, the world can be split by twiddling analogue sticks, creating paths for characters...

Sigi – A Fart for Melusina – Review

Imagine if Super Mario World came to an end after conquering the Donut Plains – the legendary platformer’s first full-sized world. You’ve become acquainted with the controls, beaten more than a dozen levels, began to experiment with the power-ups and had your skills tested with a couple of...